P. Diddy Shows Up At Oscars With Personal Lint-Roller Assistant

P. Diddy is no stranger to being portrayed as a rich Diva, the famed rapper and business mogul after all once had Fransworth Bentley act as his personal umbrella-holder and now his diva ways have come out once again, this time at the 2012 Oscars.

Diddy showed up at the 2012 Academy Awards in a limo and after exiting the vehicle he was met by several personal assistants to make sure he was in perfect shape for the event. One of those assistants went over Diddy’s suit with a lint roller and then went over the suit again just to make sure it was 100 percent lint free.

The entire incident was caught on camera by E! and it quickly drew the ire of Twitter users who found Diddy’s display of personal grooming to be vain given the economy as it stands and his need to look perfect for the cameras. Diddy waited for the degrooming to be finished and then checked himself out in the cars mirror before taking to the red carpet to smile for the cameras and give autographs.

There’s a chance that P. Diddy could end the night as an Academy Award winner, he was the producer of the Best Documentary (Feature) nominee “Undefeated” which might explain his hyper attentive nature towards lint.

One thing is for certain, Diddy has a very attentive group of assistants and given the fact that entire reality TV shows have centered around finding new assistants for the business mogul that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Here’s the video of the lint roller Oscar incident:

At least he’s spending his money on creating jobs. Do you think Diddy is going to far with his outrageous personal assistant roles?