The Top 10 College Football Coaches Of The Upcoming Season

The Power Five conferences in college football host the finest football teams in the country. It’s comprised of 64 major schools and two privately owned schools (Notre Dame and BYU), and each one is led by a powerhouse head coach. Of those talented coaches, which one is best of all? Though this question is relatively abstract, the answer is found in summing up what each of the top coaches has accomplished in his time as head of each college football team. Here are the 10 college football coaches of the upcoming season with the best records.

10. Gus Malzahn of Auburn

Every season Malzahn has been head coach save last year, he has finished with a conference title. Auburn fans and players alike love his fun, confident strategy.

9. Jim Harbaugh of Michigan

An extremely successful former NFL coach, Harbaugh has risen high as a college football coach. He began at Stanford, leading them to a more successful foundation than ever before heading to his alma mater to coach Michigan, beginning this year.

8. Steve Spurrier of South Carolina

This happy-go-lucky guy with a great sense of humor easily makes the top 10 with his experience at both South Carolina and Florida. At the latter school, he earned a 1996 national title.

7. Jimbo Fisher of Florida State

Fisher’s home grown football platform at Florida State has been successful since day one. Within the last five seasons, he’s led his team to win at least 10 games a season, three ACC titles, and a national championship.

6. Mark Richt of Georgia

With a 74 percent win rate, the only two SEC titles Georgia has won in 32 years, and six SEC East crowns, Richt has made significant waves in his 20 year career as a college football coach.

5. Gary Patterson of TCU

If there’s one thing Patterson is good at, it’s winning games. Though he has no national title to his name, he has a history of nine seasons of double digit wins in 14 years. Last season, the Horned Frogs went nearly undefeated with a 12-1 record.

4. Les Miles of LSU

With a record of winning 78 percent of his games, Miles has made it big in his career at Oklahoma State and LSU, completely turning Oklahoma’s losing streak around during his time there.

3. Bob Stoops of Oklahoma

Twelve of Stoops’ 16 seasons with the spooners have featured double digit wins, not to mention his national championship title and eight Big 12 titles. With a 74 percent win rate, his exceptional coaching career puts him just short of the top of this list.

2. Urban Meyer of Ohio State

Ohio’s victory at the national playoffs last season is just one more notch to add to Meyer’s impressive coaching record. With a 142-26 record and three national titles at two different schools, Meyer was extremely tough to beat on this list. Nothing can stop this young coach with years of potential ahead of him.

1. Nick Saban of Alabama

And finally, the number one coach of the year has an astounding record of winning. With a 77 percent win rate, Saban has won four national championships and five SEC titles in his time as head coach. He’s also only lost 23 SEC games in his 13 years as an SEC coach and only lost 11 SEC games in his eight seasons of Alabama. Saban’s record as a head college football coach will be hard to beat this season.

[Image from Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]