Beyoncé’s ‘Die With You’ Video Launched On Jay Z’s Tidal — Singer Wears No Wedding Ring In Video Launch On 7th Anniversary [Video]

The commercial for Jay Z’s new music streaming service called Tidal definitely caught the attention of even the most distracted viewers, what with Jay’s distinctive voice breaking into the stream of everyday commercials. With folks like Kanye West also appearing in the commercial for Tidal, the ad spot certainly made waves. However, Beyoncé’s “Die With You” video launch on the Tidal platform on Saturday is the news that’s garnering the most attention for the service on April 4. The “Die With You” video by Beyoncé already appeared on YouTube, but was promptly removed.
There are a series of steps in order to sign up for the service, including using a Facebook login to sign in, and a PayPal account to start the free 30-day trial that didn’t require any $9.99 monthly fee up front in order to check out the video, which displays Beyoncé sitting at a piano playing the “Die With You” song as she is being shakily recorded by a mystery cameraman who turns out to be Jay Z in the end.

Several things to note within the “Die With You” video, as the beautiful songstress sings about dying with the man she loves, is that Beyoncé isn’t wearing her wedding ring — as seen in the shot that pans to hover above her hands as she plays the song. Also, Beyoncé is pretty low key yet still gorgeous, wearing a backwards baseball cap with her hair weave braided into two braids down each side, and a Michael Jackson t-shirt covering her frame.
As reported by MTV, the “Die With You” video can be viewed by those who begin their Tidal memberships, but the song can be heard by anyone, since the Soundcloud version of the audio of Beyoncé’s new song is freely available. The lyrics of the song bespeak of a woman who is so in love with a man that she lives merely to be with him, and die with him, if needed.

“Darling I wake up just to sleep with you I open my eyes so I can see you, too… and I live so I can die with you…”

Jay Z’s new Tidal venture has brought questions, reports the Washington Post? — with that publication and others wondering if the enterprise can successfully compete with other music streaming services.


As reported by the Inquisitr, Beyoncé recently posted a video showing herself flossing with Blue Ivy, along with a mysterious snippet of a new song.

[Image via Tidal of Beyoncé “Die With You” video]

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