Man Describes Dog ‘Rape’ Experience At Order Of Employer

A man and his teenage son appeared in the Welkom Magistrates Court in South Africa on Wednesday, to face charges which included “attempted compelled rape by dog.” By dog rape, it was argued that the employer’s son ordered their dog to attack and mount their employee.

Abraham Monwametsi, 57, took his employer and the man’s son to court after suffering a series of violent attacks while employed as a security guard at their business in Welkom.

When Eyewitness News interviewed Monwametsi, he described the terrible ordeal he had gone through, saying he doesn’t think he will ever live a normal life again. The interview can be heard in the video above, with English sub-titles. Warning: the audible content is graphic, where he speaks of how his employer’s son compelled the dog rape.

Apparently the attacks began last month while Monwametsi was working the night shift. He said his employer’s 16-year-old son ordered the family boerboel dog to attack him.

He went on to describe how the boy forcibly removed his belt, told him to get down on his knees and then told the dog to remove the boy’s trousers, which the dog did. The animal was then ordered to mount Monwametsi.

The next morning, he told his employer what had happened, thinking that the man would reprimand the teenager. However, his employer threatened his life instead. The family teased Monwametsi, saying their dog was happy because he had a new girlfriend, joking about the dog rape.

This was apparently not an isolated incident, but Monwametsi said that despite what happened to him, he had to continue working for his employer in order to feed his family and that it was the first job he had been able to find in years.

“I struggled for years to find a job, and all I was thinking about was my family and how much I needed the job so that I could provide for them.”

Traumatized by what happened to him, Monwametsi chose not to attend the court proceedings on Wednesday for fear of relieving the trauma he had gone through in the alleged attacks. Now no longer working for the family, Monwametsi added that he hoped he would never have to face them again.

“I pray for God to help me because I don’t ever want to see these people. Because when I do all the horrible memories come flooding back.”

In the video interview, Monwametsi describes how badly the attacks affected him and how he even considered suicide, but had to keep going back to work in order to live and support his family.

According to Stephen Thakeng of the Welkom police, the employer and his son are facing several charges, including attempted and compelled dog rape.

However, reports that it may be difficult to prove Monwametsi’s case. According to the Welkom Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), it will be difficult to prove that the man and his son ordered the dog to mount and attack Monwametsi, as there was only one witness to the alleged assault — Monwametsi himself.

Dog rape
Boerboel dog – same breed as that mentioned in the article

Apparently after the employer and his son were taken into custody, SPCA officers went to the family home to assess the condition of the boerboel dog and found nothing unusual about the animal.

A spokeswoman for the SPCA, Thea Smit, said the dog “was friendly, wagging its tail,” and that the charge of “dog rape” is difficult to prove.

“We do have a lot of sympathy and empathy, but we do need proof. The absence of proof means there’s no ground.”

Allegedly the teenager captured some of the incidents of dog rape on his cell phone and police are hoping to gain access to the footage as part of the investigations into the case.

Smit said that their officers will continue monitoring the dog’s safety and well-being. She says officials will continue making regular visits to the family home, to ensure the dog’s safety and well-being.

Monwametsi’s employer and his teenage son are due back in court on June 1. At present the father is out on bail and the son is under the parental care of his mother.

[Photo: Boerboel CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Peter Nederlof]

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