Blue Scissors Pills: Four Party Goers Leave ICU Following Drug Overdoses

When it comes to taking recreational drugs, a person needs to know their limits and always stay as safe as possible while looking out for their friends.

However, sometimes the drugs, in this case ecstasy tablets called “blue scissors,” are just too strong, and this left four party goers fighting for their lives in an ICU in Sydney, Australia last week.

The men, aged 21 to 25, collapsed on Good Friday at the Dirty Funken Beats party on a boat near to the Opera House.

The four were rushed to the St. Vincent’s Hospital where their condition was said to be critical, although they are now all reportedly stable.

One of the men is thought to have taken four pills at once but the blue scissors pills are known to be toxic and dangerous.

On Friday, around 800 partygoers set out to celebrate Easter on the Bella Vista boat. The police say an officer was assaulted when the boat docked.

Acting Superintendent Joe McNulty told reporters, “We are rather concerned about how the drugs came on board,. Instead of getting one drug dog yesterday, we went pretty firm and got three drug detection dogs there to comb the wharf, comb the area and all the participants before they boarded the boat.”

At the same time, police said they also found pure MDMA, cocaine, and marijuana on the party boat.

Upset punters who were on the boat demanded a refund from he organizers, taking to Facebook to vent their anger, “How bout that refund eh?” wrote one person, while Dirty Funken Beats responded, “We work hard to put on awesome parties for everyone and something happens out of our control and you want 40 bucks back. Not overly thoughtful but we will sort it for you.”

For now, the organizers have been slapped with a short-term closure order, preventing the vessel going back on the water for 72 hours, which is the first time such an order had been served on a Sydney Harbour party boat.

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