Kate Upton: Despite ‘Game Of War’ Success, Did Ad Campaign Actually Hurt Her Career?

While many critics may be lamenting the overexposure of Kate Upton thanks to the infamous Game of War advertisements, Machine Zone, the video game developers behind the campaign, are most assuredly not. In fact, they’re celebrating it all the way to the bank.

According to Gamespot, the Kate Upton ad spots have boosted Game of War’s revenue to $1 million daily.

“The free-to-play game’s in-app purchases — which range in price up to $100–have doubled since the advertising campaign started,” the developers announced.

The ads, which started airing in November, show Kate in a variety of low-cut outfits that showcased her obvious assets while riding horseback or taking a bath in a very medieval setting. Since the initial launch, the commercials have aired more than 9,000 times on programming that features a heavy male viewership, such as March Madness, South Park, and others. According to the Los Angeles Times, this kind of strategy is creating unseen buzz in the mobile game community.

Kate Upton Cleavage Sells Game of War

“Until recently, almost nobody in the industry thought a TV ad campaign for a mobile game would be worth the cost. Only a tiny segment of a broad TV audience would download a mobile game, much less spend their money on in-app purchases. The initial success of Game of War and others is changing minds.”

The article continues, speaking with Volker Dressel of Quaid Media, a TV ad consulting firm now targeting gaming companies.

“It’s not a rocket science,” Dressel said of the ads. “All these people are watching TV and they have a second screen in their hands, so why shouldn’t it work?”

But while the Upton-themed commercials may be doing wonders for Machine Zone, it may also be hurting Kate Upton’s career. The Fiscal Times is reporting how Kate’s cleavage helped increase revenue for Game of War, couldn’t help but note how overexposed the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has become.

“I never thought I’d say it, but thanks to her prolonged series of ads for Game of War: Fire Age, I’m getting tired of seeing Kate Upton,” the article begins before reporting on the success of the ads.

Many media outlets seem to concur. The New York Post made it a point to note that the video game ad for Game of War was widely panned with one industry insider tweeting how the commercial made Kate Upton seem “totally wooden.”

Combined with an inflated ego, as previously reported by Inquisitr, there’s a very real chance that Kate Upton’s career could be in serious jeopardy.

What do you think? Is Kate Upton suffering from overexposure?

[Kate Upton photo credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]