‘RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel: Do Her Co-Stars Want Her Back?

As the new Real Housewives of New York City season gets underway on April 7, 2015, tensions escalate as the co-stars realize that Bethenny Frankel returns.

Bethenny’s known as the feisty one of the group. RHONY‘s cast, as well as its viewers, knows there’s to be a show whenever Frankel’s around or at the party. Bethenny, as ex-owner of the Skinny Girl brand, says that she’s ready to be back on the show.

Bethenny Frankel Sold 'Skinny Girl' For 100 Million Dollars

However, do her RHONY co-stars feel the same about Frankel’s return? According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ramona Singer says that Frankel’s a coin-toss.

“You never know what you’re gonna get when you see Bethenny. She did say that she was embarrassed to be a ‘housewife’, and that came back to bite her a little. But she, then, said that she feels the franchise has changed and that she’s happy to be on. She’s a tough cookie.”

And like Frankel, Ramona, is recently divorced as well. If you don’t know, Bethenny has had one failed marriage, as well as a failed show and talk-show — since her start at RHONY. The failed marriage was with Peter Sussman, while the shows were called Bethenny Ever After and Bethenny.

A viewer commented on the talk-show via the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). It didn’t seem too encouraging.

“I was at home one day and the cable was out, so I happened across this show. All I can say is that it saddens me to see how many ignorant women are buying into Bethenny Frankel’s ideas of how they should live. Seriously people! THIS is the woman you want to turn to for advice?… No wonder our society continues to become more and more shallow and empty.”

And from a look around the internet, many other reviewers feel similarly. However, she can’t be all that failed if she sold her company for $100 million, can she? She must be making some right decisions, somewhere, no?

Possibly, she’ll be able to redeem herself in the new season of RHONY. During the ET interview, another fellow actress, LuAnn de Lesseps, offered her input on Frankel’s return as well.

“It feels like the old days of Housewives. It feels like when we first started. Bethenny has a presence. So when she walks into a room, um, you know, not everyone’s good at dealing with her. I would say she’s a real ‘big’ personality. And so, um, you’ll be surprised to see who she really gets along with this season and who she doesn’t.”

Other cast members have said things like, “the b***h is back!” So, it seems as though Frankel adds the element of unpredictability — and not everyone is so cool with that.

What are your thoughts on Bethenny’s RHONY comeback? Are you ready for it?

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