Michelle Duggar To Be Present For Daughter Jill Dillard’s Home Birth

While the safety of home birth has been hotly debated throughout the years, numerous research studies show that for low-risk women, including those who have no pregnancy conditions such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, previous history of failed vaginal birth, advanced maternal age, or active infections, home birth is actually lower risk than hospital birth, likely because it does not carry the risk of nosocomial or “hospital acquired” infections.

The theory is that people are used to their own germs within their own home, and build up antibodies against these pathogens, which they then pass on to their unborn baby. Breastfeeding further cuts down on the risk of infection in neonates, which Jill Dillard, with her holistic approach to life, pregnancy, and now upcoming parenting, is almost certain to do.

Michelle Duggar has been unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant and carry a child to term, and now that the mother of 19 children is 46-years-old, it is unlikely she would become pregnant without intervention. Families who follow the “Quiverfull” method of childbearing, like the Duggars, which means that one should have as many children as God feels fit to give, without using birth control, are also unlikely to utilize ART (artificial reproductive therapies). While Michelle’s childbearing days may be over, she seems to thoroughly enjoy grandparenthood and is said to be scheduled to be present at her daughter Jill’s birth labor and delivery, which will take place at home, unless unforeseen problems arise.

Jill Duggar-Dillard is no stranger to midwifery or home birth, having helped to deliver over 30 babies at home, and she is scheduled to take her own exam later this year to become a midwife. She’s had an uneventful pregnancy and odds are in her favor, statistically, that a home birth will go very well.

She has enjoyed being pregnant and studying about it at the same time, saying, “It takes on a whole different light when you are studying what you are going through.”

While the first due date of Jill’s (March 24) seems to have come and gone, a later due date of April 5 (Easter Sunday) is also reported. However, it is not unusual for first time mothers to be a bit overdue with their babies, so she is in no hurry. However, she is very excited for “baby Dilly” to make a formal appearance.

Both Jill’s mother and mother in law are expected to be present in the home at the home birth, although it’s unclear exactly what their roles will be since some reports have them scheduled as “errand runners” during the happy time.

While it’s likely a bit wistful for Michelle to watch her daughter give birth, she is no doubt elated that at least several of her children are following in her footsteps, and that she will become a grandmother again very soon.