WWE News: Dean Ambrose To Win ‘Money In The Bank’? Fans Call For Change With The Lunatic Fringe

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has seemingly increased his likability ever since The Shield split up last summer. While Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have gone on to have a good deal of success, it seems that Ambrose has been left behind. He has been in a sea of rivalries that have taken him nowhere while benefiting the rival. In fact, Ambrose was on almost every PPV last year and all but one he lost at.

WWE realized how good he was, but they have not given him the opportunity to show that he can be as good as Rollins or Reigns in the singles world. While he was doing well as WWE United States Champion while in The Shield, he rarely defended it. When he worked singles, he showed promise. In fact, The Undertaker chose Ambrose out of all three Shield members to face personally on WWE SmackDown. This was the first time in years Taker performed outside of WrestleMania.

The respect level he has with other people on the roster is unquestioned, and his smarts for the business are as good as any. On top of this, his crowd reactions every week are of rockstar level. So, why he is losing all the time? It has mainly been that WWE has paired him with people they are wanting to push.

WWE fans have called for a change with WWE’s Lunatic Fringe despite knowing this, and for good reason.

Ambrose, even after losing, still has a big fan-base. So when will WWE give Ambrose a chance? According to Lordsofpain.com, Ambrose is said to be in line for a big push this year, which fits in line for a special event coming up.

Many are speculating within that Ambrose could finally get his shot to take over at WWE’s annual Money in the Bank PPV, which, coincidentally, is coming up very soon. This match has helped to catapult the careers of people like Edge, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, and most recently, Seth Rollins. When you have the case, you are pushed quite well.

Ambrose Wyatt

Once you cash in the case, there is over an 80 percent chance that you will win. Only two men out of all the people to cash in have lost. It turns out that they didn’t even need the case. John Cena was already a multi-time World Champion when he cashed in, and Damien Sandow is now getting over as Mizdow, where he will hopefully get a shot to do something special soon.

Still though, anyone with the case has power. So what better way to push a guy who is already proving to be as big as anyone on the WWE roster than to give him exactly what the fans want to see him get?

Plus, what kind of controversy could Dean Ambrose cause as the MITB winner? The fact is, no one knows what goes on in his head, as his character is legitimately crazy. When a crazy man holds the key to the biggest prize in the WWE, that is a scary but awesome thought.

Could Ambrose somehow win?

If we are to believe how WWE is positioning him, there is a potential for this to happen. Ambrose has seemingly started to go through a character change. There is a thought that this could progress to where he won’t take losses anymore. He could very well attack people if he loses, turning into an even bigger crazy man. The fact is, fans love Dean Ambrose. They want to see him win, not constantly lose. The only way he can do so is if his character goes into a place it has never been on WWE TV.

Once that happens, winning MITB and being a constant problem for anyone holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship would give him the run that could make a career. Fans are ready for Ambrose to be given something big. His reactions are as big as Daniel Bryan’s at this point, and it has happened everywhere WWE has gone. This is why many believe Dean Ambrose will be given a chance at MITB. Who better than Ambrose to take down the case and hold it? Especially when you can do so much with him.

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