Harold Henthorn And The Mysterious Deaths Of His Two Wives Airing On Tonight’s ’48 Hours’

The Harold Henthorn-Toni Henthorn murder case will be aired on the latest episode of 48 Hours. In the upcoming documentary, Brian Maas will investigate the crime that captured the nation when Harold Henthorn was finally arrested for the murder of his second wife — 20 years after the death of his first wife, Sandra Lynn Rishell, aka Lynn Henthorn.

Harold Henthorn’s second wife, Toni Henthorn, aka Toni Jill Bertolet Henthorn, died in 2012 during a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Harold had surprised his wife, Toni, at her job where she worked as an eye doctor. Her coworkers and employees captured video of Harold’s surprise. They also witnessed first hand just how happy the Mississippi native was to be going on the trip with her husband. That was the last time Toni Henthorn’s coworkers saw her alive.

Toni Henthorn’s brother received the call from Harold informing him that his sister had fallen to her death. Her brother never bought Harold’s story for a second. Anyone who knew Harold Henthorn found his description of what took place on that mountain highly suspicious, and so did police investigators.

The case heated up quickly when it came to the attention of Brian Maas that this was the second time Harold Henthorn had lost a wife in death. Family members say their sister Lynn Henthorn, aka Sandra Lynn Henthorn, died 20 years ago in a freak accident.

It was 1995 when they learned that Lynn had accompanied her husband on a night drive down a dark, lonely road. That’s when Harold Henthorn claimed that they pulled over on the side of the road to fix a tire. According to Henthorn, Lynn was killed when the car jack collapsed — causing the vehicle to fall on top of Lynn, crushing her to death in the process. Lynn’s family struggled hard to understand why Lynn had been trying to fix the tire, instead of Harold. That detail never set well with them. They knew that something strange had happened to her, and that Harold Henthorn had all the answers.

Lynn’s death was ruled accidental. The family accepted that reluctantly, but when they heard that Harold’s second wife, Toni, had also died, they knew they needed to reach out and make their case known.

Harold Henthorn was finally arrested for Toni Hawthorn’s death in 2014. Prosecutors plan to use information in his first wife’s death case to prove to the jury that pushing his wife off that cliff was all part of Henthorn’s twisted plan to collect insurance money from her death.

In tonight’s 48 Hours episode entitled “The Accidental Husband,” CBS’s Brian Maas takes viewers through the case in order to determine if Harold Henthorn is unlucky in love, or if he is a stone cold killer.

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