Parents Outraged After Eighth Grade Boy With Blog About Killing Classmates Allowed Back At School

Texas parents are protesting at Tidwell Middle School after an eighth grade boy was allowed to return to school after writing a blog about killing and sexually assaulting his classmates. The blog, which was titled “Killing Children,” featured stories about the teen boy savagely murdering and sexually assaulting over a dozen other students at the school. However, school officials allowed the boy back in class because his parents maintained it was a work of fiction in the “horror” category. Despite the contention that the story was pure fiction, parents of children at the school want him gone.

NBCDFW reports that an unnamed eighth grade student at Tidwell Middle School in Texas was allowed to return to school on Monday after students complained about a gory blog that described horrific acts against Tidwell students pinned by the student. The student is either 13 or 14-years-old and claimed that the blog was simply fiction and was not a threat against any of the students at the school. However, parents of the teen’s classmates say their children no longer feel safe.

Despite pleas from parents and students, the school says that they do not feel the blog was a threat so the boy was able to return to school. It appears that the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office was also contacted about the violent writings, but said that the teen’s blog was protected under the First Amendment right to free speech so there was nothing they could charge the eighth grader with in regards to the law. The school agreed and the boy will receive no further punishment.

However, according to the Daily Mail, parents are not giving up their quest to have the student expelled for his violent and sexually-charged writing. Family members of students claim that the blog post should be viewed as cyber-bullying at the least as the student made sure to publish the writings publicly online so that the others students could read it and be intimidated by it.

S, what exactly was in the horror writing? The blog was titled Killing Children and featured seven separate chapters with names like “Blood, Blood, and More Blood” and “Massacre.” The tagline for the blog was, “This is a continuous story about me murdering people I hate.” In the chapters the boy describes horrific attacks on specifically named students along with detailed accounts of how he would murder each student.

“He tries to hold in a scream, but it escapes him when I drive the scissors down his body.”

What do you think about the eighth grader’s horror blog outlining the death and sexual assault of classmates? Should he have been allowed to return to school or was the blog a form of cyber-bullying?

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