Romney Taking Heat For Statements About Cars

The gaffe machine that is Mitt Romney continues to chug on in full swing today. Today Romney is taking some heat for saying that his wife drives “a couple of Cadillacs”.

He made the comment during an awkward exchange with Chris Wallace on Fox News. Wallace was asking Romney if the comments he makes about his wealth were out of touch with the economic realities that are facing a majority of Americans.

Romney responded,

“I can’t be perfect, I just am who I am and I can tell you this with regards to the cars, that was talked about last September and us, what vehicles we own, we have a car in California, we have a car in Boston. And so that’s the way it is. If people think that there is something wrong for being successful, they should vote for the other guy. I have been successful.”

Romney then went on to attack President Obama for what he perceives as corruption within the Obama administration. He says that the way in which Obama bailed out the auto industry and gave stock options to the United Auto Workers was nothing short of a political payoff.

Romney said to Wallace,

“We spent several billion dollars at a time we didn’t need to. [Obama] gave a huge portion of the company to the UAW [United Auto Workers]. That’s not how bankruptcy usually works … He was paying off the people that supported him, and by the way, are trying to get him reelected.”

Romney has made several high profile gaffes in relation to his wealth. He has gone on camera saying he doesn’t care about poor people, he has also referred to more than $400,000 in income as “not that much”.

Do you think Mitt Romney is completely out of touch with the economic realities facing America?

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