Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Starts, Michelle Obama’s Former Aide To Rework Approval Rating

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election campaign has apparently been found putting itself together in Brooklyn, with the expectation that Clinton will officially make the announcement some time soon. Reports are saying that Michelle Obama’s former aide, Kristina Schake, will be working hard to remold Clinton’s image, which has become tarnished by scandal after scandal in recent times.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, reports claim that Hillary Clinton deleted emails and wiped her server clean only to ignore the subpoena. Clinton also put in her two cents with the Bowe Bergdahl scandal, saying it doesn’t matter if he was a deserter.

Sources are saying that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election headquarters will occupy two floors of an office building located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. If the information about the lease is correct, then based upon Federal Election Commission rules, Hillary has 15 days to make it official that she wants to be the first female President of the United States.

Anonymous Clinton campaign staffers are already preparing to get busy for the next 18 months, and some of them are crashing on family members’ couches and working out of Starbucks since they do not officially have an office set up yet. Democratic strategist James Carville says this type of thing is pretty normal when it comes to a presidential election.

“The infrastructure is one of those things, between setting up press, field, and fundraising — it’s just enormous,” Carville said. “You don’t just flip a switch.”

It’s also expected that President Obama will be losing some White House staff members in order for them to join Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election campaign. According to Politico, one unnamed national Democratic strategist says that the intricacies of setting up U.S. presidential campaigns has only risen every four years.

“One thing we’ve learned from the last two cycles is that it definitely takes time to build a modern campaign that incorporates all the things they’re talking about — organizing, data, and digital strategies, and that’s what’s happening now,” the source said. “Part of it is planning, part of it is mental endurance, and part of it is just being able to come off the block as fast as you can.”

In order to have a good start, Kristina Schake will have to rework her boss’ image; fast. According to The Hill, Hillary Clinton’s approval rating dipped dramatically due to all the scandals. Before all these events occurred, Clinton could have easily won against any Republican opponent, but now she finds herself either having a small single digit lead, or she’s trailing to GOP members like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Clinton will have to work hard to restore confidence in her ability to be POTUS.

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, Schake will have to channel Scandal‘s Olive Pope in order to make that happen. According to the New York Times, Schake managed to transform Michelle Obama “into that of an accessible everywoman.” They need to overcome the shortcomings that were notable in the failed 2008 campaign against Barack Obama. But in addition to making Hillary likable, she has to convince voters to believe that “what difference does it make” is true for all the scandals.

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