Suicide At Universal Studios: Fatal Shooting At California Theme Park Behind Newest Attraction

L.A. County Sheriffs Department officials confirmed a suicide at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday. Authorities say a man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound behind one of the California park’s newest attractions, according to The Wrap. The man who committed the suicidal act has not been identified, citing current sources.

Records show LASD received a 911 call at 2:24 p.m. of a possible suicide at 3900 Lankershim Boulevard, the home of Universal Studios. Upon arrival, deputies reported to an area of the park where a man was dead, apparently from fatally shooting himself. There are no reports of any other injuries from the shooting.

The body was located in a designated smoking area for guests behind the Despicable Me attraction. The ride went into operation in May of 2014. It’s not clear if there are witnesses to the suicide at Universal Studios. However, law enforcement say there were workers and park goers nearby at the time the man took his life. A park spokesperson said they are working closely with detectives as the investigation is ongoing.

“L.A. County sheriffs have confirmed there was a possible suicide on our property. We are working closely with law enforcement and corporate security on this ongoing investigation. The safety and security of our guests and employees is always of the utmost importance. Business remains open.”

The California theme park suicide comes on the heels of another story published by the Inquisitr this week in which a person claimed their own life before a crowd. A 36-year-old mother of three walked into an Asda supermarket in Shipley, West Yorkshire, armed herself with a knife from the homeware department and plunged it into her neck as shoppers looked on.

She later died from her injuries. The woman’s death by suicide apparently took place after she became distraught over her daughter’s death from a heart defect in 2013. Records show she was of the belief her little girl died from black magic.

It’s unclear at this time how the deceased managed to get a firearm into Universal’s park. Reportedly, as part of the security checks, guests’ bags are only checked before entering the grounds. However, a patron said stricter guidelines should be put in place to prevent dangerous weapons from being brought onto the premises.

“That shouldn’t have gotten passed security but they don’t really search like belt lines and stuff. They just do bags so you can walk through. Maybe he had it but still they should do a metal detector, maybe,” Preston Scharf said to reporters.

Apparently, Friday’s suicide at Universal Studios is not the park’s first brush with guns. Last May, a gunman opened fired on a crowd at a venue in Universal CityWalk. In the end, he was killed by police, but at least four others were injured by errant gunfire.

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