Ricky Martin On Parenthood: Ready For ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’

International pop sensation Ricky Martin is all about parenthood these days. Already the father of twin boys, the singer recently revealed that he is looking to expand his family to include a daughter. Fox News Latino reports Martin discussed his hopes for a baby girl during an interview with Martin said during the Australian radio program “3PM Pick Up.”

“I’ve got to start trying for daddy’s little girl,” Martin told hosts Monty Dimond and Zoe Marshall. “I want to have a big family because kids are wonderful.”

The singer candidly discussed parenthood in the interview, noting that his sons were conceived via in-vitro fertilization, a process which allowed him to choose the gender of the children. The boys were carried and delivered by a surrogate.

Martin discussed the differences and similarities between his sons in a Spanish-language interview with Elenco. Fox News Latino offered translated portions of the interview online, providing a window into their developing personalities.

“One of them is a drummer. My own drummer told me, ‘It’s not that he plays the drums, it’s that he gets sound from the drum!’ That is Matteo,” Martin shared. “Valentino is more about peace and love, and at the moment he is going to plants and is always covered in mud. He is more fantastical and I love it. They are so different.”

Ricky Martin reportedly plans to bring the boys with him on his forthcoming “One World” tour. According to The Daily Telegraph, Martin will be joined on the tour by his co-star from The Voice, Delta Goodrem.

“She is a friend, you know, we have become very close and she is one of those people you want in your life forever,” Martin said of Goodrem. “I just asked her, ‘Are you in? Let’s just do this!'”

Delta Goodrem, who toured with Andrea Bocelli not long ago, told Good Morning America that she’s looking forward to hitting the road with Martin.

Ricky Martin isn’t the only pop singer who has been bitten by the parenthood bug as of late. As reported by the Inquisitr, Britney Spears recently told People that she’s looking forward to eventually balancing out her brood with a baby girl, adding that she would also like to tie the knot again someday.

With so much on his plate, some might be surprised that Martin is willing to add a new child to an extremely busy life. But it seems like the 43-year-old singer has no intentions of slowing down anytime in the near future. Where some look only to fame and fortune for happiness, Ricky Martin finds fulfillment and solace in his role as a proud parent, ready to share his home and happiness with a new addition someday soon.

[Photo by Pablo Alfaro/Ricky Martin via Getty Images]