Woman Thanks Car Burglars For ‘Pimping Out’ Her Ride

When cars are stolen, chances of recovery are slim. This is clearly not the case for Becky Schoenig, whose car was stolen right out of her driveway on Monday, in St. Charles County, Missouri. She’s now reunited with her car, but it came with some unexpected surprises.

USA Today reports that although Schoenig’s 2015 Ford Fusion was taken from her, that didn’t deter her from sending positive vibes out for the safe return of her newly-purchased black hybrid car. Its seems as though Schoenig’s positive energy paid off.

On Tuesday evening, Mick Sexton, a St. Louis resident, spotted a vehicle in his neighborhood that struck him as suspicious. After he recognized the car from a Facebook post, he called 911. Police determined that it was Schoenig’s car.

Ford Fusion

Not only was her car returned to her on Wednesday, but it came back with a new look: shiny red rims on each wheel and a matching red line along the exterior passenger side. Ironically, Schoenig received her Fusion back on April Fools’ Day, but once she looked it over, she confirmed that it was indeed not a joke, and despite its new look, the car was definitely hers.

While most people wouldn’t be too enthused about their car being “pimped out” without their permission, Schoenig chose to look at the situation in a different way. Smiling ear-to-ear, she posed in front of her newly-designed Fusion and thanked the car thieves.

“I want to thank the car thieves for pimping out my vehicle for me…. This b**** is pimpin’ now!!!”

However, along with new upgrades, Schoenig’s car was returned back to her with strong odors of marijuana and cigarettes permeating from the interior. She plans to take it in for a thorough, professional cleaning. She also plans to have the car restored back to its original look, but felt it would be easier to make light of the incident instead of getting angry about it.

“It was good people that found my car. It was good people that surrounded me and encouraged me to think positive thoughts. That was the hardest part because I was upset with people, humanity. The truth is that there’s still more good people out there than bad. Regardless of how a situation looks, we can still kind of have fun with it.”

Meanwhile, Schoenig decided to show gratitude to Sexton by creating a smoothie drink in his honor at her Kirkwood, Missouri restaurant. Named “The Sexton on Wheels,” the smoothie drink consists of bananas, coconut cream, peach, and pineapple.

Although Schoenig thanks the car burglars, the police weren’t so forgiving. More than one suspect was arrested for the car theft. Their identities were not made public.

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