Hayley Okines’ Friend Vows To Complete Her Bucket List In Memoriam

Hayley Okines’ bucket list included getting matching tattoos and going on a road trip with her best friends Courtney and Shannon. Hayley turned 17 on December 3, and her bucket list included experiences that were so typical of a teen’s normal youthful plans that The Mirror called the the list “heartbreaking.” The teen suffered from a condition called progeria and died at her home on Thursday. The world grieved for the brave young woman who was stuck in the body of an elderly woman, and her best friends shared a glimpse of their sorrow through social media.

Courtney, one of Hayley’s friends included on her unfinished bucket list tweeted on Friday that she will complete everything on her best buddy’s list in memoriam.

Hayley’s friendship with Courtney resembled a typical teen friendship from social media, right down to the crazy tweets.

Meanwhile, the other best friend that Hayley included in her bucket list aspirations similarly tweeted that she still intends to get that tattoo, just after she admitted listening to a playlist she made Hayley, which had been entitled, in true teen fashion, “Hayley Sucks.”

Hayley’s parents were told that she wouldn’t live into her teen years, so Hayley’s friendships from her adolescence are even more special because if her parents hadn’t opted to go through with experimental treatment for her, those precious teen moments might have never happened. Her family recalled to The Mirror when they first read about Hayley’s condition, which made Hayley age eight times faster than normal.

“It said sufferers wouldn’t reach puberty and would eventually die from age-related disorders, usually before their teens.”

In an earlier interview, Hayley told the media that she tried not to think about dying and that she just tried to enjoy her life. She said, “In many ways I feel I’ve been lucky. Because of this I’ve met more people and done more than many do in a lifetime.” TheInquisitr reported on many of the exciting experiences that Hayley was able to take on before dying at 17-years-old.

Hayley will remain an inspiration to the progeria community and many others around the globe. Still, despite having met celebrities, written a book, and accomplishing more than many people ever do, Hayley Okines’s unfinished bucket list remained full of the charming aspirations of the typical teen and indicated heartwarming friendships that ended too soon.

[Photo via Courtney Dade’s Facebook page]

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