One Month Later: Where Is Anjelica Hadsell?

It’s been an entire month since Anjelica Hadsell was last seen by her loved ones, and a lot has happened over the course of the investigation. Her stepfather remains jailed on charges associated with obstruction, and speculation in the public remains heavily focused on him. Meanwhile, searches continue for the missing woman, but with no success. The Pilot Online reports that police in Norfolk searched in areas around Isle of Wight County this week. The most recent search was executed on a tip that led authorities on a search that indicates grim possibilities.

At least 12 divers participated in an underwater search for either evidence or Anjelica herself after law enforcement in Norfolk received a tip that led them to the area. However, authorities aren’t clarifying on what kind of tip led them there. The Virginian-Pilot reports that divers were focused heavily on a retention pond in Carrsville. The tip was reportedly received Thursday night.

The Daily Mail reports that someone witnessed Wesley Hadsell’s work van driving in an area near the retention pond. The report also reveals that the search, which included multiple divers throughout Friday, was for evidence that included Anjelica Hadsell’s cellphone. What isn’t being clarified, however, is whether or not Hadsell’s phone had pinged in this area, or if authorities are working on any real forensic leads.

Shortly after Anjelica disappeared, her mother had received texts from her cellphone that she doubts were sent by the girl. This was indicative from the beginning that the missing coed may have been missing against her will. Shortly after Anjelica’s case hit the mainstream media, the public — via social media — began showing suspicion against her adoptive father, Wesley Hadsell. This is because of his lengthy criminal record. Wesley has maintained that he is innocent, even though he is behind bars, which has only intensified the suspicion against him.

Do authorities believe Wesley Hadsell did something to Anjelica Hadsell? Officially, they do not have any suspects, but Wesley himself has admitted in an on-camera interview that he was questioned for at least 14 hours regarding police suspicion against him. Prior to his arrest he gave a bizarre interview on a true crime podcast, claiming that police found Anjelica’s jacket in someone else’s home. It was later revealed by police that Wesley had broken into the home and he is the one who reportedly found Anjelica’s jacket. Meanwhile, her mother remains mostly silent while maintaining the Bring AJ Home Facebook page.

[Photo: Anjelica Hadsell via Crime Scene Media/Photos provided by Norfolk Police Dept.]

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