Panda Becomes Internet Sensation After Record-Breaking Marathon Sex Session To Preserve His Species [Vid]

A giant panda is making headlines in the international media after reportedly setting a new record for panda sex endurance.

The giant panda called Lu Lu displayed unusual staying power for a male panda during a steamy marathon encounter with his female partner Zhen Zhen at the Sichuan Giant Panda Research Center.

His demonstration of surpassing panda sexual prowess is making headlines not only because male pandas are notoriously hard to put in the right mood but also because giant pandas are an endangered species that really need to “get it on” to avoid species extinction.

So when Lu Lu got down unexpectedly to a session of vigorous and lasting sexual activity, the entire world of panda lovers applauded.

According to the voyeuristic attendants at the breeding facility, Lu Lu and his partner romped lasciviously for 7 minutes and 45 seconds, with Lu Lu displaying an urgency that suggested he knew the future of his species depended on his act or omission.

Giant Pandas
Giant Pandas In Record-Breaking Sex Session

And kudos also to his partner Zhen Zhen whose cooperation made Lu Lu’s remarkable feat of endurance possible.

Lu Lu was promptly nicknamed “Enduring Brother” by enviously gawking keepers at the breeding center awed by his extraordinary staying power, according to China’s state newspaper The People’s Daily.

However, breeders and attendants at the facility deflected accusations of voyeurism and violation of the privacy of the amorous couple, saying that they eavesdrop on the pandas’ love-making not out of salacious curiosity but because they need to understand pandas’ mating behavior and learn what to do to induce the males to indulge in the species preserving activity of sex.

According to breeders, it is important to get the male to act at the right time because female pandas go into heat only once a year, usually during spring, for about two to four days. When she is on heat she makes strange noises to attract the attention of the male.

To help us put the awesomeness of Enduring Brother’s performance into perspective, breeders said that the average time for panda sex ranges from 30 seconds to less than five minutes.

Another couple at the center, Yi Bao and Jin Xin, lasted only one minute and 20 seconds, according to the Daily Mail.

Giant Panda
Lu Lu Earned Nickname “Enduring Brother'” For Record-Breaking Sex Sessioin

The Huffington Post reports that breeders at the center also plan to mate 27 female pandas as part of efforts to preserve the endangered species. But breeders won’t be relying only on Enduring Brother for the job. Other males will be involved in the breeding project to ensure the genetic variability of the offspring population.

But Enduring Brother’s record-breaking performance would likely continue for a long time to set the standard for other male pandas participating in the special breeding program being run at the Sichuan Giant Panda Research Center, according to The People’s Daily.

[Images: Ipanda via The Daily Mail]

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