Sacha Baron Cohen Receives Oscar Invitation After Academy Banned ‘The Dictator’ Character

Executives for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences have caved in and decided to allow comedian/actor Sasha Baron Cohen to attend the Oscar’s on Sunday night while wearing his full costume from his upcoming movie The Dictator if he so chooses to show up for the black tie affair in such attire.

The move to threaten his expulsion and then invite him to attend once again might seem a little fishy to some and Deadline Hollywood says the actor was always meant to take part in the telecast which features a Best Picture nod for his movie Hugo for which he plays in a star building role.

In fact Academy President Tom Sherak is a marketing consultant for Paramount which produced and released Hugo.

At this time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and Tom Sherak are of course denying allegations that the ban was meant to increase movie ticket sales for Hugo and Paramount says it “relented because of all the bad publicity.”

In the meantime Baron Cohen’s agency WME says of the incident:

“The Academy … went to war with us, made threats, got embarrassed, panicked, and reversed their position.”

Whatever the reason for the change of direction Sacha Baron Cohen had this to say:

“VICTORY IS OURS! Today the Mighty Nation of Wadiya triumphed over the Zionist snakes of Hollywood.”

Do you think banning Sacha Baron Cohen from the Oscar show only to allow him to come as he pleases was yet another attempt by Hollywood executives to sell tickets?