Burger King Has Pig, On And Off The Menu, In Pennsylvania

One Burger King restaurant near Boswell, Pennsylvania, can safely say they serve bacon and have encountered it live in the drive-thru, too.

The Burger King restaurant on U.S. Route 30 found itself a new customer on Thursday morning, according to the Associated Press. One worker was outside and encountered a black pot-bellied pig in the drive-thru section of the parking lot.

Scarcely able to believe his eyes, the worker pounded on the door to get back in. Apparently, he was unsure of whether the pig would attack him. The manager was more concerned about the pig making its way into the restaurant. The worker was told to walk around the building and take the risk.

The pig did not attack, but it did get its share of fame for the day. It also got its share of food. Some customers fed it Burger King food, and others came to visit the seemingly friendly pig.

It turns out that word spreads fast in the rural area around Somerset. Before too long, people were coming to Burger King to see the pig and not to eat.

Burger King Pig
The pig hung out at Burger King until police had to bring home the bacon because it started chasing customers away.

As friendly as the cute black pig seemed, it also had a temper. According to the worker who had to make a mad dash for another door, one lady got out of her truck to see the pig. The pig seemed like it was coming over to see her in a nice way, but then it bit her foot. She promptly got into her truck and left the testy pig where it stood.

Suddenly, the pig had enough gawkers and began chasing people away, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Burger King employees decided it was time to call the police.

Eventually, word got to the moody pig’s owner. The pot-bellied pig was a pet and not attempting to apply for a job or to protest the use of bacon at Burger King.

Finally, the Pennsylvania State Police and the owner showed up to take possession of the pig before it could take off to another restaurant or before someone could steal it or perhaps even eat it.

According to the worker at Burger King, it is not the first time animals have shown up to this particular Burger King looking for a free meal or some companionship. It is, however, the first time a pot-bellied pig has shown up at Burger King and not found a spot on a burger or someplace on the menu.

[Photos by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images and Daily American/Ashlee Shawley]

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