Al Sharpton Compares Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law To Slavery

The Reverend Al Sharpton is known for being outspoken and sharing his opinions, solicited or not. This time, Al Sharpton has spoken out about Indiana’s recent religious freedom legislation.

Indiana’s religious freedom laws are the ones allowing business owners to not serve members of the LGBT community due to conflicts with their religious beliefs. Al Sharpton has compared this set of laws to the “Jim Crow” laws and “slavery” according to the Daily Caller.

Sharpton spoke out at the beginning of MSNBC’s PoliticsNation, saying that we can’t use religion as an excuse to discriminate.

Sharpton said, “This is a key moment for the country. Too often in our history, we’ve seen religion used to justify attacks on other people’s rights, from slavery, to Jim Crow, to women’s right to vote.”

Sharpton then added, “That same fight is with us today. And we can’t let it stand.”

Sharpton also expanded on his views on the Huffington Post, explaining how his religion compels him to stand up for everyone.

Sharpton stated, “My religious conviction compels me to fight for civil rights and social justice; I don’t divide the two…We cannot fight for civil rights for some; we must fight for all in order to protect our great nation and preserve what makes us so unique.”

Sharpton issues a call to action, saying that we all must “speak out against this egregious Indiana law.”

Sharpton does admit that people may claim that the government is becoming too involved in businesses if they repeal the law, but he speaks once more of treating everyone with equality.

“This isn’t about government overreach or some notion of state or religious rights being infringed upon; rather, it is about freedom and equality for all Americans. One has a right to their religious beliefs, but one does not have the right to make their beliefs the law in a democracy.”

Sharpton has even taken to Twitter to share his message of justice for all.

So how are people responding to Sharpton’s remarks? While some are asking for his attention to the same issue in other states, others shared angry comments questioning Sharpton’s views.

While Al Sharpton has spoken openly about the Indiana law, others like George Takei and Arnold Schwarzenegger have also spoken out about what they see as the injustice of it.

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