‘Salem’s’ Lucy Lawless Says She ‘Seems To Be Good At Being Bad’

Lucy Lawless, new to Salem, has been known to play very extreme roles. Well, it seems that she’s taking on another one in this new season of the show.

Salem is about an account of the “Salem Witch Trials.” However, it’s not so much about the trials but the stuff long before them, showing what would have cause them to be placed on trial in the first place.

Well, according to the Internet Movie Database, Lucy is playing the part as Countess Marburg for four episodes. Lawless actually took quite the interest in this role when she was contacted about it. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, after being asked what attracted her to the part, Lucy stated as follows.

“Well, I saw the show, and I thought it was so beautifully acted and realized. And when they described the role to me I thought, ‘that sounds like a great deal of fun’, because I was raised on horror stories. My own life was lovely, but vampire stories were par for the course in my home, so I grew up watching all the horror movies late on Friday night. So it felt like kind of a homecoming doing horror, being scary. I seem to be good at being bad.”

Lawless points out that all the magic in Salem is natural magic and not to be confused with anything “cute.” Though she claims it’s nothing like the Harry Potter type of magic, “with lightning bolts,” she assures that it’s quite intriguing.

Like many actors and actresses who fully delve into their parts, Lucy Lawless is no exception. She told the source that there are no challenges to her part and that her character consumes her when the cameras are rolling.

“I just love it. When I put on the garb, I’m the Countess. Anytime the camera’s rolling, it’s like she consumes me. It’s the most thrilling ride. I don’t know if it’s just because of where I’m at in my career at the moment or my craft, but I just fully go there.”

It’s ironic that she’s playing the part in a witch-type tale, and she’s also channeling the character, in a sense.

What are your thoughts on Lucy Lawless’ Salem part? Do you think she’ll be right for it?

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[Photo Credit: Jesse Grant | Getty Images Entertainment]