Maaco Hagerstown, MD., Kyle Kandrick, In Hot Water Over Threatening Voice Mail To Customer Over Negative Review

A Maaco Hagerstown franchise worker who residents say goes by the name Kyle Scott Kandrick, is in hot water today for leaving a threatening voice mail message to a customer who left a negative review on Facebook. ABC News is reporting now that Ella May Rudd was in disbelief when she heard a voice mail message from the Maaco Hagerstown owner after she complained about the terrible service. Kyle Kandrick has since been suspended.

Ella May Rudd said that she was furious after Maaco failed to fix her vehicle. In fact, she was so tired of dealing with them that she decided to post her review of the company on Facebook. Here is her original Maaco Hagerstown, MD., review.

“Crooks, rude people, and liars. Please take your business anywhere else but here. I regret spending the last month and a half wasting my time with this company. My car is still not fixed. They have charged my for car parts not needed, they have had me show up to multiple appointments and not have mechanics/car ready, they have lied about multiple car repair events, they are extremely unprofessional, and so much more. I hope this review at least stops a few people from being robbed and aggravated. So disappointed. They don’t even deserve the one star required to write this review.()This was my first review to ever write anywhere!”

The response that she received from Kyle Kandrick, was nothing like what she expected. Here is the transcript of the voice mail message, provided by

This photo was posted to a Twitter account belonging to Kyle Kandrick of Hagerstown, Maryland.

“Hey, Billy, Kyle at Maaco here. I was just personally attacked by your wife on Facebook, and I don’t appreciate it at all, pal. So I want you to get her in check before there is a big fucking problem here on my end. Understand me? I did everything I could for her. She was in here Saturday and I explained everything to her the right way, and I don’t like being attacked on Facebook. I’m telling your right now: deal with it before I deal with it.”

Customers are having a field day listening to the priceless voice mail, stating that the man behind the voice mail was not only a “jerk” but not too smart. They say he should have known that in today’s times, the possibility of that voice mail making it to social media and going viral is a high possibility. Here are a couple of Facebook comments.

“Kyles voicemail was amazing, it’s not often someone wipes out a business in 30 seconds.”

“That was the most rude and threatening voice mail I’ve ever heard…the guy is a jerk. That’s the best I can say.”

And while the Maaco Hagersville worker identified as Kyle Scott Kandrick is getting a serious and much needed “working over” in social media, many are coming to his defense, stating that one person’s experience shouldn’t ruin a man’s entire business.

“Alright by me. What’s the problem? i just don’t understand why everyone is attacking this poor guy for one customers experience. Two sides to every story. Voicemail tells nothing.”

What the voice mail does show is that the Maaco Hagerstown employee does not think the customer is always right. The contents of the voice mail are so vulgar that no one understands how Kyle could think there would be no repercussions from this.

Here is another comment

“must be a family member or Kyle himself. He’d think differently if it was his wife or daughter, unless of course he’s a male chauvinist pig too.”

The Maaco company is in shock that one of their own could be so careless and reckless in the way they deal with a customer. That behavior goes totally against what the company stands for, and they said as much in the following public message.

“We are deeply sorry for the experience that you had in one of our shops. Please know that this is not reflective of our brand standards or how we do business. We take this very seriously. We are addressing the matter with our franchisee. Our Customer Service and Executive Team, including our President, are working directly to resolve this issue and ensure we make this right for you.”

Ella May Rudd’s negative review of the Maaco Hagerstown location is not the only one. One can find another detailed complaint against Kyle at the site and several others by doing a Google search.

Most all of Kyle’s social media pages have since been deleted.

[Photo Credit Twitter]

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