How Much Did Lisa Rinna Make For Her Depends Commercial?

As Lisa Rinna revealed on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, she was paid handsomely for shooting a diaper commercial for Depends, but exactly how much did she get? On April 3, Radar Online revealed Rinna had been paid a whopping $2 million.

“Lisa was able to get a huge paycheck from Depends, and was paid $2 million. Knowing she would be teased for years, Lisa made sure she was compensated for it.”

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Lisa Rinna confirmed to Andy Cohen she was paid seven figures for lending her name to the diaper brand, but didn’t reveal the exact amount. Also during the reunion, Lisa Rinna was criticized by her co-star Kim Richards, who didn’t feel that she took enough pride in her career. According to Richards, Lisa Rinna would go a step further than her when it came to making money in Hollywood. Meanwhile, as the Inquisitr reported, Richards recently signed on to appear in Sharknado 3, alongside Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.

While Richards wasn’t supportive of Lisa Rinna’s Depends commercial, several other co-stars, including Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump, were. In fact, both women said they would participate in the commercial if they had been approached, and Vanderpump even joked that for seven figures, she’d wear the diaper while naked.

Lisa Rinna’s commercial, which was shot two years ago, when she was 49, featured the Real Housewives star wearing the diaper, Depend’s new Silhouette for Women, while rocking a skin-tight black dress.

“I am a champion for positive self image for women. What I love about the new Silhouette is it makes a woman feel confident and it’s fashionable.”

In an April 1 blog post on Bravo TV’s official website, Lisa Rinna opened up about her decision to participate in the commercial.

“One thing that I want to touch on, which I also did in an earlier blog this season, was the amazing charity that Kimberly-Clark (Depend) donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to when I did their commercial. The fact that I got paid handsomely and Dress For Success did as well is worth any teasing or taunting I may get. If ‘not taking pride’ in the jobs I choose means this worthy charity gets a hearty six figure check and some recognition, then so be it!”

A portion of Lisa Rinna’s $2 million paycheck, $250,000, was donated to her favorite charity, Dress for Success.

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