New Duggar Baby Born? Jill Dillard May Have Finally Given Birth To Baby Dilly

UPDATE: Derick Dillard has officially confirmed that Jill is in labor via the family’s blog. Read what Derick has compared the labor process to in his update, it is definitely an interesting take on labor and birth.

Did the Duggars welcome the newest member of their growing family into the world late last night? According to the new father, Derick Dillard, she just may have! On April 2, 2015, at 11:25 p.m., Dillard posted a message to his Twitter account that seemed to indicate that Jill had finally given birth. If Jill had Baby Dilly on April 2, she would have been 41 weeks and two days pregnant at the time of birth. So what did the doting dad say that left many fans speculating that Jill had finally given birth?

Derick Dillard posted to his official Twitter account last night a verse from Isaiah noting that “the LORD called me from the womb, from the body of my mother he named my name.”

The Duggar family and the Dillards often use Bible quotes when discussing life events. Therefore, it is not unlikely that a quote from the Bible, such as this one, would be used to announce the birth of their precious baby boy. Some have said the verse may also indicate that the new Duggar grandbaby was named Isaiah.

Jill has spoken previously about ditching the “letter” theme for her family and going with a different theme. At that time, many speculated that the Dillards would use a “Bible theme” for naming their children. If that is the case, Isaiah would be a perfect start for the new family of three.

Some are skeptical about the post since it follows so closely with Josh Duggar’s April Fools’ Day prank that joked about Jill giving birth to twins.

Duggar fans can rejoice regardless of whether Jill Dillard is in labor right now, as the Christian Report claims that the TLC Network just announced that they plan to air a special two-hour episode of Jill’s home delivery on May 5. That means fans won’t have to wait a year to watch baby Dilly enter the world.

The verse could also indicate that Jill is in labor and she may be giving birth at some point today. What do you think? Has Jill Dillard started labor or is Baby Dilly already here?

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