Nigerian Kills Girlfriend? Body Found In Pit Toilet, Breasts Removed

Shocking news comes from Osogbo, the capital of Osun State in Nigeria, as the body of a 20-year-old woman was found to have been dumped in a pit toilet. Her boyfriend is suspected of killing her and hiding her corpse in the toilet.

Apparently, residents complained about a bad stench in the village, which they traced to the pit toilet. However, no one imagined that the smell of decaying flesh was actually related to a human body until investigations were carried out.

A resident in the area said police came on Sunday and had to remove a wall in the pit toilet before they could extricate the corpse of the woman, named only as Bilikisu.

News Punch quotes a police source as saying that the woman’s breasts had been removed before her remains were dumped in the pit toilet, although they were unable to confirm that fact.

Punch NG reports that their correspondent visited the area and interviewed some of the residents. They learned that a suspect has been identified in what is presumed to be a murder. Identified only as Soji, the middle-aged man works as a bricklayer and had been dating the woman for several years.

The resident added that Soji uses a lot of disinfectant in the toilet in an attempt to cover the bad smell. At first, none of them realized just how bad the stench actually was or why he had to continue adding the disinfectant.

Apparently, the deceased woman used to visit the suspect and often stayed for weeks.

The resident added that originally police arrested the wrong man for the crime.

“The man’s name is Soji. The police initially arrested the wrong person because that one’s name is also Soji. But I learned that they have released the innocent man.”

According to another resident, no one in the area is convinced that the bricklayer killed his girlfriend, saying that maybe she died “and the man, out of fear, dumped her body inside the pit toilet.”

It seems that the suspect is currently on the run and police investigations continue. Apparently, the Nigerian media were unable to get a statement from the police public relations officer on the case.

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[Image: Pit toilet (not the one in the story) Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic SuSanA Secretariat]

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