Star Wars, Barbie, Action Man Classic Toys Found In Closed Down Toy Store In Wales

Collectors of classic toys are anticipating the auction of a huge selection of original Star Wars action figures, Barbie, Action Man and other memorabilia, found abandoned in a closed down toy store in Wales.

According to the Daily Mail, the Frank Beech Toy Shop in Holywell, north Wales closed back in 2009 and the it seems the owner just left the stock of classic toys piled up inside.

classic toys
Star Wars memorabilia

Reportedly the shop opened back in the 1940s and was popular for its wide range of toys and attractive window displays. However, it finally shut its doors after decades of keeping children happy.

There are potentially thousands of dollars worth of classic toys and games just waiting to be sold, including Barbie, Action Man and Star Wars figures of all kinds.

classic toys
Abandoned classic toys in the Frank Beech Toy Shop.

Besides the popular super hero and Star Wars toys, there are many other types of classic toys, including a range of toy trains and accessories, the popular Airfix models, board games and Dinky cars.

WalesOnline says that the unique toys and games are set to be auctioned and collectors from across the country are eagerly awaiting the sale.

What is surprising, though, is the amount of stock which remains completely untouched. Some items in the windows are faded from years of sun, some of the packaging has been affected by damp, but others are in perfect condition.

Vectis Auctions in Thornaby, Teeside now has around 120 pallets of the classic toys, with some dating from the 1960s, on offer to collectors later this month.

According to a spokesman for the auction house, they are still working through the stock, finding more hidden treasures as they go and the items found in the shop are likely to appeal to collectors and dealers.

“Our specialists are working through the collection one pallet at a time and so we could find many hidden treasures as the sale is uncovered.”

In the video below, Pete White, a toy expert from Cardiff explains the value of the Star Wars classic toys found in the abandoned store.

Speaking of the classic toys, the Inquisitr recently reported that some leaked Star Wars action figures might give good glimpse of the characters to be seen in the upcoming movie.

[Image: One of several windows at the Frank Beech Toy Shop CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Alistair Hamilton, other images screengrabs from the video.]

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