It seems that Hollywood may be forcing lobbyists to drop tech companies as clients

I’m not sure but you might have heard a silly little rumor about how Hollywood wanted to patch up their love hate relationships and thought – finally they are going to start getting with the program.

Well I hate to be the one to burst that beautiful illusionary bubble you were carrying around (okay I don’t hate to do that) but the fact of the matter is that Hollywood has gone in the other direction if a post on Politico is any indication – especially when it comes to Facebook.

Not only are they not having any pillow talk but Hollywood has been doing some arm-twisting to force lobbying shops to not work with any tech companies.

“They are doing everything they can to ensure that the tech industry and Facebook in particular doesn’t have any talent to go up to the Hill,” one tech lobbyist said of the content providers.

Fierce, Isakowitz & Blalock, the Glover Park Group and TeleMedia Policy Group have all terminated their lobbying contracts with Facebook, according to sources familiar with the lobbying terminations.

Now before you go grumbling to your corner remember, this is Hollywood we are talking about. This is the business that still believes that the failure of SOPA and PIPA wasn’t because they stunk to high heaven but rather it was public relations and lobbying battle handled wrong.

Sure this bit of underhanded backroom corporate behavior is to be expected given that the entertainment is more interested in maintaining a business that is going downhill like a hooker on a Saturday night. They might be able to forestall the inevitable change but that business shift will happen without them regardless.

via Techdirt