Man shows how much of an idiot he is by shooting himself to prove armor works [Video]

You know it is while watching stuff like the video below that I really begin to wonder about the long term viability of the human species I really do.

After all who in their right mind would take a Glock Model.10mm and then proceed to shoot himself in the belly with a 200 grain hollow point round just to prove that the bulletproof vest he was wearing would work.

Would you?

I know I’m not that brain dead.

I think someone should call up the folks at the Darwin Awards and suggest that they keep an eye this guy because I have a feeling he could be a prime candidate for their award in the not to distant future.

Oh and by the Mr. Bullet to The Belly nice double wide and great Bubba impersonation. Oh wait.. that wasn’t an impersonation.. well golly gee.

Anyway here’s the video and see for yourself.

via Geekologie