Katy Perry Phone Number Leaked — By Katy Perry! Singer’s Twitter Flub Sends Fans Into Frenzy

How many guys would love to ask Katy Perry for her phone number? The answer is — a lot. For that matter, plenty of girls would love to have the “Firework” singer’s digits in their “contacts” list as well, for any number of reasons. That’s why fans flipped out Wednesday when Katy Perry herself posted her personal phone number on Twitter for nearly 70 million fans to see.

Of course, the whole thing was an accident, the type of social media goof that could happen to anyone. Especially anyone as proud of a pet dog as the 30-year-old Katy Perry — whose real name is Katheryn Hudson — evidently is of her little pup, Butters.

As in the photo above, from Perry’s own Instagram account, this year’s Super Bowl Halftime performer often posts photos of Butters who — as the above snap indicates — is almost unbearably cute.

On April Fools’ Day, Perry posted a video of the eager little dog, but one small detail she missed in the video was no joke.

Clearly visible on the dog’s identification tag attached to the animal’s collar was a phone number to call in case the dog was lost or fell victim to some other emergency.

The number was presumably Katy Perry’s own personal phone number.

Perry has almost 68 million followers on Twitter, and another 16.4 million on Instagram. Therefore, it was no surprise that it didn’t take long for her fans to pick up on the massive Twitter flub.

The message apparently got through to Katy Perry one way or another. As quickly as the sharp-eyed fans noticed the phone number, Perry — or whoever operates her social media accounts — deleted the post. So if you came to this story hoping to find Katy Perry’s phone number here, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The phone number in the video was also quickly disconnected, meaning that not only does Katy Perry now need a new number, she will also need a new ID tag for her beloved little Butters.

[Image: Katy Perry Instagram]