Mariah Carey: What Made Such A Classy Musician Lose Her Cool?

R&B singer Mariah Carey has always been known to be calm in the face of aversion. Sure, she throws shade from time to time (okay, all the time), but she has never lost her temper… until now. Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, has been fighting a divorce battle with the R&B/Pop diva and is now threatening to write and publish a book that exposes everything from Miss Carey’s bad habits to her comments about other musicians, the Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail went on to state that Cannon was not happy with the terms of the couple’s prenuptial agreement, which would’ve awarded him $10 million. Instead, Nick wants $30 million, as he feels the book he’s working on could be worth over $30 million and lead to a movie deal. The Daily Mail cited Mariah as throwing the offer back in Nick Cannon’s face, claiming that nobody cared what he had to say and she wouldn’t give him more than $10 million.

Chances are Mariah would rather put up with Nicki Minaj, whom she spent most of her American Idol career tossing shady remarks at, than deal with her ex-husband. According to Hollywood Life, Nick Cannon tweeted late last year that he had no plans to slander or harm Mariah Carey in any way, making it clear that one party or the other must be lying.

The tweet got over 900 favorites and more than 400 retweets. Mariah Carey’s Twitter account has been silent about the debacle as of late. Contrary to what Cannon’s tweet said, Hollywood Life also mentioned that he slammed Mariah in a song on his new album, ironically a favorite tool of the diva herself (the Mariah song “Obsessed” is rumored to be a shot at Eminem, as are several other hits in Mariah’s canon).

There aren’t any overly noticeable attacks against Cannon on Mariah’s new album Me: I Am Mariah Carey, so hopefully the singer will remain civil if only for the sake of the couple’s twin sons, Moroccan and Monroe. Though the Inquisitr mentioned that Mariah’s Las Vegas show is suffering poor ticket sales, she appears to be immersing herself in her career and keeping busy in order to heal from this recent and biting wound.

Nick Cannon also has things to keep him immersed and distracted. He’s currently the host of reality show America’s Got Talent and is reportedly dating model Jessica White. Though the divorce battle still looks nasty and the pop culture tabloids aren’t exactly painting Carey and Nick Cannon as a “family rooted in love,” the best case scenario is that Monroe and Morrocan will come out unscathed and in the custody of the parent who will devote the most time and attention possible to their care and well-being.

[Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images]