Brass Knuckles At JFK Airport Get Woman In Trouble After Beating Prenup

Brass knuckles were the eventual downfall for a Long Island woman who had beaten her husband’s prenup agreement after their divorce. Elizabeth Petrakis was allegedly caught in possession of the weapon when trying to board an unspecified JFK Airport flight.

Petrakis, 41, had originally won a divorce settlement two years ago and had her multi-millionaire husband’s prenuptial agreement thrown out. The alleged agreement was that her husband, Peter, would give her $25,000 for every year that they were together and nothing more. She had initially refused to sign it.

Peter Petrakis allegedly convinced her to sign it by saying that he would throw it out after they had two children. They now have two twin boys and one girl, but he still hadn’t destroyed the prenup. The courts ruled that he fraudulently forced her to sign it through a verbal agreement.

Elizabeth’s divorce lawyer, Dennis D’Antonio, explained how she had beaten the prenup.

“It’s fraud when someone lies to you, or tricks you into doing something on the basis of a lie, that you wouldn’t have otherwise done. That was the grounds for challenging it.”

Now, two years after the landmark victory, Elizabeth has been allegedly caught with a set of brass knuckles while going through airport security. There was no explanation given for her possession of the weapon or why she was trying to get them past the Terminal 4 TSA checkpoints at the JFK Airport. The item was allegedly discovered in her carry-on luggage when the x-ray machine scanned it.

When authorities spotted the weapon, it earned Elizabeth Petrakis a desk appearance for fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon at the Queens criminal court, say Port Authority police.

Having a weapon on your person going through airport security is a bad move no matter who you are, especially after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. With Petrakis’ previous legal problems, it seems strange that she would risk it.

Why do you think Elizabeth Petrakis had brass knuckles with her going through JFK Airport security?

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