Adult Video Shot On Historic Train Used As Kids’ Attraction — Bosses Let ‘Schoolgirl’ Scene Happen

An adult video shot aboard a historic, vintage train line has sparked outrage among parents — because the train is often used to host attractions for children, including an Easter egg hunt that is now only a few days away.

Making the explicit video shoot even more offensive to parents, managers of the Epping Ongar Railway that runs from Essex to London, England, allowed the Canadian porn company to book their 19th-century steam-powered train to use as a set for a steamy scene involving an adult actress dressed in a “schoolgirl” uniform.

The incident has left local parents repulsed at the thought of their kids merrily hunting for Easter eggs on the same seats where adult video actors recently did what they do.

The incident comes a month after it was revealed that officials in Egypt allegedly allowed an explicit adult video to be filmed at the pyramids, as the Inquisitr reported.

A spokesperson for the historic train line said that when the company decided to allow the adult video shoot, officials believed that the train line would not be recognizable as Epping Ongar, claiming they were assured by the film’s producers that it would be well disguised.

But in the opening shots of the graphic, half-hour clip, the distinctive, meticulously preserved railway station that dates back to 1865 is clearly visible, with a title card made to look like a vintage railway sign bearing the word “Nympho” in the foreground.

“It’s disgusting and a stupid decision,” said one mom, 41-year-old Carla Ince. “You don’t want to associate somewhere you take children on days out, that promotes the link between Ongar and Epping and is a site of local history with something like that. How can they have that in the same place as fun kids’ events?”

“It makes you wonder what went on in the train. If you are advocating something as a business for families you can’t do that. I am mortified,” said another, Amanda Mendel. “As a mother, I would be reluctant to take my kids on there again knowing that has gone on. I think it’s disgusting.”

Officials who manage the line, now run mostly by volunteer workers, were red-faced over the sizzling shoot, saying that they often rent out the train for commercial ventures, but made an “error” in renting to the adult video moviemakers.

“Earlier this year we took a decision to allow an adult film, subject to certain conditions, to be filmed on the railway,” said Dean Walton, the Epping Ongar business manager, in a statement. “We are sorry that our decision may have caused offense. It is clear that this decision was an error of judgement.”

The adult video clearly shows the woman dressed in the “schoolgirl” costume engaging in activities that leave little to the imagination in a seat on the nostalgic rail car. Epping Ongar officials claim that they’ve taken steps to prevent any future “errors in judgement” from happening aboard their train.


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