Amy Winehouse Documentary Teaser Released [Video]

Fans can now catch a glimpse of the long-awaited Amy Winehouse documentary.

In the teaser for the film Amy, Winehouse is shown in the recording studio singing “Back to Black.” The vocals are isolated from the music, which gives it a haunting tone to the teaser. In front of the vocals, we hear Winehouse’s voice in different interviews speaking about herself as an artist and a person. Old home films are shown to give some of those words context of an Amy that hasn’t yet been hit with her celebrity status.

“Singing has always been important to me, but I never thought I’d be a singer. I just thought, I’m lucky, if there’s something I could always do if I want to. I’m so lucky like that.”

Of her music, she said, “I felt like there was nothing new that really represented me or the way I felt.”

The most haunting piece of audio we hear in the Amy teaser is when an interviewer asks, “How big do you think you’re going to be?”

Winehouse replies, “I don’t. I don’t think I’m gonna be at all famous. I don’t think I could handle. I would probably go mad, you know what I mean? I would go mad.”

As the Inquisitr reported, the documentary is releasing in the UK first. British theaters will show the documentary on the singer’s life on July 3, 2015. As of right now, it’s still unknown when the United States will get to check out Amy, but it’s expected the documentary will be shown in theaters at some point in July, so it’s not a huge wait.

The CEO of Universal Music, David Joseph, spoke about the importance of having an Amy Winehouse documentary and what the film embodies.

“About two years ago we decided to make a movie about her — her career and her life. It’s a very complicated and tender movie. It tackles lots of things about family and media, fame, addiction, but most importantly, it captures the very heart of what she was about, which is an amazing person and a true musical genius.”

One of the most refreshing parts of the documentary is that it will contain the artist’s own words to paint an accurate portrayal, instead of just using interviews from family members and friends.

Winehouse’s short life can be painted in many ways. While she was in the limelight, her drug addiction and public fights with her husband, Blake, at times overshadowed her powerful music. Winehouse died on July 23, 2011 from alcohol poisoning. At the time of her death, she was only 27-years-old.

In a press release, the singer’s life is described as “precarious.”

“Her huge success, however, resulted in relentless and invasive media attention, which coupled with Amy’s troubled relationships and precarious lifestyle, saw her life tragically begin to unravel.”

[Image by A24]