Vladimir Putin Threatens Nuclear War? Russian Officials Angry Over NATO Forces In Ukraine

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is reportedly threatening nuclear war in order to force NATO forces out of nations bordering his county. The World War 3 claims were said to have been uttered during a private meeting between intelligence staffers from Washington D.C. and Moscow.

Putin’s nuclear war threats were allegedly in response to any potential plans to return the Crimean peninsula back to Ukraine. The Russian leader reportedly feels that any such action would be looked upon as a declaration of war. Should the leaders of NATO countries take steps to accomplish such a task, Vladimir Putin is said to be willing to use whatever force is necessary, including nuclear war, to prevent any transfer of power in the Crimean peninsula.

According to notes reportedly taken at the private meeting between United States and Russian intelligence officials, Putin is currently planning “imminent destabilizing actions” in the “pro-Western” Baltic states. The developing plans were allegedly drafted as a “direct challenge” to the NATO vow to defend Russia’s neighbors from “Soviet-style expansionism.”

Cyber attacks are also allegedly being threatened by Russia if the build-up of NATO forces continues in the Baltic states. Officials from the Kremlin are reportedly believed to have mandated a “spectrum of responses from nuclear to non-military” as part of the angst over the NATO military forces in the region. The Kremlin officials were reportedly briefed by Russian Foreign Minister Segei Lavrov before the intelligence meeting and were reportedly speaking on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

In addition to the enhancement of NATO forces in the Baltics, two other points of contention were also reportedly discussed during the private meeting between Washington D.C. and Moscow intelligence. Situations which could lead to a nuclear war and World War 3 allegedly include further escalation between Russia and the West in eastern Ukraine and any other attempts to by Ukraine to annex the Crimean peninsula.

Russian intelligence officials also allegedly detailed the NATO forces available weapons in the Ukraine region in an effort of deterring “further encroachment” along the Russian border.

“The Russian people would demand a forceful response to such advances,” Moscow intelligence chiefs reportedly added.

NATO forces have reportedly begun to establish a “rapid reaction force” in the Ukraine region due to concerns raised by Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Lithuania has reportedly “reintroduced” conscription in an effort to better prepare for a Russian invasion.

Are you concerned that Russian leader Vladimir Putin will start World War 3 or a nuclear war?

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