Father Teaches Abusive Teen Son An Epic Lesson After Learning He Hits Females, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

One father’s son was spiraling out of control. The father was outraged when he learned his teenage son had been abusive to females.

Apparently, the teen has a brief history of abuse because he’s reportedly hit more than one female. Then, to make matters worse, there’s a number of other things he’s recently done. So, his father decided he needed to be taught a lesson. Now, the epic punishment has gone viral.

Footage of the epic, embarrassing lesson was uploaded to YouTube on March 31. The three-minute video begins with the father questioning his son. The father asked him to admit what he’d done.

Apparently, the teen, Lionel McBride, was recently involved in a physical altercation where he hit two females. Unfortunately, the teen also admitted that this altercation was not the first time he’d hit a girl. However, that’s not all. He’s also created a number of problems for his mother.

Her home was recently robbed because of a house party he’d had without her consent. He admitted that he’d broken into his own home after lying to his mother about his whereabouts. He told her he was at a friend’s house while she was at work, but he’d actually gone back to his own house after she left.

The father shared brief details about the series of wild parties, where the teens reportedly had alcohol, marijuana, and drugs in the home. Unfortunately, his mother’s home was trashed and a number of her personal belongings were stolen by people he’d had in the home.

As the teen sits in a chair, the father recounts the numerous times he’s gotten in trouble in and out of school, stating that his defiance and unprecedented disrespect has gotten completely out of hand. Everywhere the teen has gone, he’s allegedly wreaked havoc. Now his father is doing something about it.

Since his son likes to cause scenes, he’s making sure he attracts lots of attention. However, it’s definitely not the attention he may have been hoping for. As the father continues to reprimand his son, he can be seen combing his hair to prepare it for a haircut, but it’s definitely not a haircut that will make him look presentable. As a matter of fact, that’s the purpose.

He punished his son by giving him an outrageous haircut. The “George Jefferson” haircut has become quite popular for young men who misbehave. Young men who desire to grow up before they’re ready are forced to wear the haircut of an old man with a bald spot. Of course, the haircut is the ultimate form of embarrassment, but it probably guarantees behavioral improvement, reports Creative Loafing Atlanta.

The video has been shared on a number of social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter. As it continues to circulate, the father has been criticized for the punishment. While many viewers have commended the father for reprimanding his son, some feel the haircut is more humiliating than anything. The video has sparked debate about whether or not embarrassment is a substantial form of punishment, reports Opposing Views.

“How can that be interpreted as cruel? The kid got part of his head shaved! It will grow back! What this kid was doing was cruel. Way to go dad!”

“They have taken away our parental rights..this brings the child down a notch.. His vanity is attacked and his humility.. Better the dad then the police..”

“Good for dad!! Just about the same thing that Judge Cicionetti would do in Ohio. He will embarrass you for bad behavior instead of throwing you in jail. Awesome judge. And awesome dad. He handled it well. Very calm.”

“There are better ways to teach than with embarrassment.”

“People think this is cruel!?!?!? What’s cruel is that child being disrespectful to the authority @ school & his MOTHER! Would people rather he get whipped w/ a belt??? He shaved his head to teach him a lesson!!!! I’m on Dad’s side, good for him!!”

“There’s other forms of punishment cutting his hair was not the way.”

Would you consider the father’s epic lesson an embarrassment or a punishment? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via YouTube; Facebook]