Stephen King Played April Fool’s Prank On ‘Walking Dead’ Fans

There was one April Fool’s joke today that really shouldn’t have been. Can you imagine Stephen King writing for The Walking Dead? It would be so darn good, but alas, it is not to be.

The post was spotted both on Facebook and on Stephen King’s official website on April 1, announcing that the man himself would be writing for season 6 of the zombie hit. Everyone got excited, although some people did, indeed, note the date. Later in the day, the message was changed to say he was writing for just one episode.

What made the whole thing worse was that the post said that three major characters were set to die in the next series, including one person who happens to carry a crossbow. Well, fans had enough of the tight squeeze Daryl got into in the recent season finale, so that was a nasty one.

@DeeGallotto @StephenKing @wwwbigbaldhead Whew! Killing Daryl would be literary suicide, even for King! #IfDaryldiesweriot #TheWalkingDead

— DottieWhiteTrashGal (@WhiteTrashGal) April 1, 2015

On Wednesday afternoon the April Fool’s prank was confirmed by Stephen King on his website and while most people knew all along, a big sigh of dismay vibrated across the social media.

A writer for Q106.5 in Maine noted that her comment asking if the post was an April Fool’s was deleted and said that comments she read later did think it was a prank.

We all know that everything that happens on The Walking Dead is kept under pretty tight wraps, so it was a bit surprising that the news of a famous writer getting involved was doing the rounds so widely. Mind you, the Inquisitr did recently report on some possible spoilers for the next season.

Those that have heard Stephen King talk, and read his books, know that he has a great (albeit sometimes evil) sense of humor, so we can forgive him this time.

But, my oh my, just imagine if Stephen King actually did get involved in the show?

If you visit Stephen King’s official website now, you will get wished a “Happy April Fool’s Day” and get serenaded by Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Presumably that means even though he won’t be doing the job, he won’t give us up or let us down. Next King novel a zombie story maybe?

[Image: Stephen King caricature CC BY 2.0 Mark Rain, Norman Reedus CC BY 2.0 Gage Skidmore]