St. Louis Rams Shopping Around No. 2 NFL Draft Pick

The St. Louis Rams have the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and according to several reports team officials are attempting to use that draft position to potentially make a deal with a willing team.

According to league sources the Rams want to find the right package that would fill in gaps in the teams offense and defense and they will likely trade down to make that happen.

Up for grabs in the No. 2 spot is likely Baylor Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Robert Griffin III. Griffin chose to forgo a final year at Baylor in order to enter the draft.

Among those teams looking for a potential new quarterback are the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphinsand Seattle Seahawks.

While there is some speculation over who will go after the Rams No. 2 draft pick it’s likely that we’ll hear more speculation after the free-agent quarterback market dries up and some teams are left still searching for a reliable and potential franchise QB in their QB1 spot.

Do you think the St. Louis Rams can use the No. 2 NFL Draft pick in 2012 to their advantage in order to trade for the talent they need at both the offensive and defensive lines?