‘Southern Charm’ Star Talks Past: ‘I Was Broken By Life’ And Was In A Dark Place

Southern Charm has returned for its second season on Bravo, and fans are catching up with what the stars have been doing since last year. Of course, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun have been taking care of their daughter, Kensington, but things are not as great now as they were last year.

This year, Southern Charm has a brand new addition to the cast. Landon Clements is actually an old friend of Shep, and decided to return to South Carolina after a horrible divorce. Landon had left the southern state to marry her now ex-husband and live in California. But as she revealed on Southern Charm, the relationship was far from healthy for her.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm newbie Landon Clements is now opening up about her failed marriage, and she admits that it was not fun for her. Clements has been divorced now for a while, but she revealed that she had been separated for about 18 months before the divorce was finalized. Now, she is sharing her struggles on Southern Charm.

“When we finally came face to face, she could see that I was broken by life. It was then that she slowly began to change her tune,” this new Southern Charm reveals about her mother’s support, adding, “Also, my ex-husband’s behavior during this time became quite erratic, and she finally got a glimpse of what I had secretly been dealing with. I am a very private person when it comes to my emotions, and I think if I had been able to be more honest with myself, I could have been more honest with her.”

Clearly, Landon was struggling with her marriage. She adds that she was in a very dark place. It is interesting that she is opening up about her struggles on Southern Charm. Usually, reality television shows, such as Southern Charm, tend to not deal with such heavy topics, but this season could be very different.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun have also shared some intense moments on Southern Charm. Just this week, Kathryn was shocked that Thomas would make a campaign video that would be an embarrassment to their daughter. And as Ravenel revealed on Watch What Happens Live, he does plan on Kensington watching Southern Charm.

New Southern Charm star Landon didn’t go into details as to what ended her marriage, but according to the Inquisitr, both Thomas and Kathryn are hurling cheating accusations at one another.

Are you surprised that Landon is opening up so much on Southern Charm?

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