National League MVP Ryan Braun Successfully Appeals 50 Game Suspension

National League MVP Ryan Braun won’t have to sit out the first 50 games of the 2012 MLB season after the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder successfully appealed his positive drug test.

Braun was originally called out on his positive test after elevated testosterone levels were found in his drug test sample during the 2011 MLB playoffs.

After a debate circled around whether or not Braun should be able to keep his MVP award the outfielder continued to proclaim his innocence and moved forward with the appeal process which focused on a lack of security and protocols put into place to ensure that player urine sample’s are properly monitored and tested.

According to Yahoo Sports:

The collector – who is jointly hired by MLB and the players’ union – was to send the sample to an independent laboratory by FedEx. Finding the FedEx office closed, the collector stored the sample, which had been sealed, bagged and boxed and carried Braun’s signature, in his Milwaukee-area home, per usual protocol. The collector returned to FedEx on Monday morning.

According to the source, Das questioned the security of the sample during the two days it remained in Milwaukee, though there were no signs the package had been tampered with.

MLB is considering challenging Das’ decision through litigation.

Before his failed drug test the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder had passed 25 successful drug tests over his career and three in the same year that led up to the alleged failed test.

After the ruling was handed down Ryan Braun said of the litigators final ruling:

“The first step in restoring my good name and reputation. We were able to get through this because I am innocent and the truth is on our side.”

Do you think MLB executives will follow through with threats of legal action?

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