Andrew Getty’s Death Was Likely Accidental

Andrew Getty has died at the age of 47. Toxicology results are not expected for several weeks. However, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter confirmed his death was likely accidental.

According to reports, Andrew Getty was found dead at approximately 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. Authorities later confirmed was they were called to the scene by an unidentified women.

As reported by Los Angeles Times, Getty was found in the bathroom of his Hollywood Hills home. Although he was naked from the waist down and “appeared to have suffered” blunt force-trauma, authorities do not suspect foul play.

Officials confirmed the Getty Oil heir recently acquired a restraining order against an unidentified female. However, it is unclear whether she is the same woman who reported Andrew Getty’s death. The unidentified woman, who said she is a friend, is reportedly cooperating in the investigation.

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith explained that it is “very, very early in the investigation.” However, he also confirmed that “this does not appear immediately to be a criminal act.” Despite reports to the contrary, some sources have suggested Andrew Getty met with foul play.

TMZ reports the unidentified woman at the scene was Getty’s ex-girlfriend. They further report that the woman was “detained as a possible witness/suspect,” due to the “suspicious circumstances” surrounding Getty’s death.

The online news magazine explains Getty and his ex-girlfriend had a difficult relationship. According to reports, authorities were called to the home on reports of domestic disturbances, at least 30 times. It is suggested that the unidentified woman’s mental health was a factor.

According to TMZ, Getty sustained “traumatic injury to the rectal area” and was bleeding profusely. Authorities have not confirmed or commented on the disturbing report.

As reported by BBC, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter suggests Andrew Getty may have been ill for several months.

“The tentative information that we do have is that he was not feeling good for the last couple of months and he supposedly had an appointment tomorrow with a personal physician… We do have a doctor’s name that we’re also going to follow up.”

Andrew Getty is the grandson of late oil baron J Paul Getty. His father Gordon’s net worth reportedly exceeds $2 billion. Although the Gettys are well known for their financial success, their history is also steeped in tragedy.

As reported by Forbes, “the Getty family has come to symbolize extreme wealth and repeated tragedy.” Unfortunately, Andrew Getty is no exception.

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