Fresno Office Shooting: Man, Woman Found Dead At California Medical Office

A man walked into a Fresno medical office in California and fatally shot his wife before committing suicide with a gun. Press TV reported that 43-year-old Neng Moua entered the busy Fresno office on Tuesday and opened fire on his 34-year-old wife before eventually turning the gun on himself.

Fresno police Deputy Chief Pat Farmer called the Fresno office shooting a “tragedy.” He said during a press conference, “This is a tragedy and we are grateful no one else was hurt or killed during this incident.”

Fresno police reported that the shooting resulted from a dispute over the couple’s property, including the custody of their five children. It’s still unclear as to what the couple were arguing about. The wife, who worked as a receptionist in the Fresno medical office, had two other children from a previous marriage.

Witness Kelly Mek, 13, saw the horrific Fresno office shooting take place. She said that Moua held a gun that was wrapped in fabric, as he walked toward his wife.

Moua was reportedly heard saying, “Why did you come to my house?” His wife allegedly yelled, “I don’t know. You need to leave,” the witness said. Moua responded, “I have no choice then, I have to do this.”

Mek then said that Moua then grabbed his wife, dropped her to the ground, and started hitting her. That’s when Moua shot the victim several times, according to police. Several minutes later, Moua then turned the gun on himself.

Mek wasn’t the only witness in the Fresno office shooting. Employee Maria Marcias spoke with Your Central Valley about the scary incident. She said that she found her pregnant sister-in-law who made it out of the medical office before she did.

“It’s scary. My first thought were my children. I’m on the phone crying hearing gunshots. I called my son. I called my daughter. I called my other son. I called my mother–I scared my mother.”

Matthew Gutierrez told the news site that his girlfriend called him and sent him a text message, warning him about a hostage situation at his Fresno medical practice.

“She called me. She let me know that the office was locked down. The officers have the building surrounded.”

There were some employees and patients that were trapped inside the Fresno office. Police reported that they received a call from a 50-year-old woman who was inside with her children, ages, 2, 9, and 14.

Farmer said, “We kept constant communication with the woman and her three children–advised them to keep the door locked and stay in place. We had a SWAT team inside the building.”

Fresno police found a suicide note inside Moua’s home in Clovis. They would not reveal what the note said. Police are still investigating the case, but they believe it’s a possible child custody dispute. The last time Fresno police encountered Moua was 11 years ago when he was arrested for another domestic violence incident with the same victim as this case.

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