Jason, Amanda Dufner Split: Golf Pro, Wife Divorce After Three Years Of Marriage

Jason and Amanda Dufner have split following three years of marriage. According to CBS Sports, the news comes as quite a shock to many who really thought these two had staying power. Considered one of the five most famous golf couples, Jason and Amanda have decided to end their marriage, and it seems like the two are not doing so amicably.

“According to the divorce settlement, which was filed on March 16 by Amanda Dufner, there had been an ‘irretrievable breakdown of the marriage’ and there was ‘a complete incompatibility of temperament that the parties can no longer live together.'”

Jason and Amanda Dufner have figured out a way to split their assets. According to Sport Act, Amanda will be receiving a sum of $2.5 million while Jason will remain the sole owner of the couple’s two homes, both in Auburn, Alabama.

The couple wed in May of 2012, but separated in February of 2015. After finalizing the details of their divorce, the two are expected to receive the official word by the end of April, according to Sports Mole. Based on the information put forth by the media, it does not sound like Jason and Amanda will be reconciling any time soon. It also doesn’t sound like the two will be friendly after this split, though it’s unclear what may have gone so terribly wrong.

Jason and Amanda Dufner have been in the news here and there over the years, especially because of Jason’s PGA win — perhaps the highest moment of his career. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amanda made headlines back in 2013 after Jason patted her on the behind. Photos of the butt pat went viral.

It happened after Jason played the 18th hole at Oak Hill in South Carolina. Amanda ran out to her man to congratulate him and their “moment” was shared on news stations for days. Plenty of golf wives make headlines for sweet gestures, but people really seemed to love Jason and Amanda’s love.

Jason Dufner will be competing in The Masters next week. It’s unknown how his current relationship status will affect his golf game, but fans are going to find out… and so is he.

Are you surprised that Jason and Amanda Dufner have split? Do you think there is more to this story than what the media has figured out?

[Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images]