Paris Hilton Says She's One Of The Top Five Best Paid DJs, Defends Her Career Against Haters

More than 7,000 people signed to have Paris Hilton removed from the lineup of Milwaukee's Summerfest, but the blonde "Raver Barbie" has kept her cool about the controversy telling her haters that she's more than just a rich girl.

At a Billboard promo event at Miami Beach, Hilton opened up about the numerous misconceptions regarding her career as a DJ. She shared that she is serious about what she does and that she dedicated half a decade to be good at her craft.

"There are so many haters that make up so many stories," she said, "But anybody who comes and sees a show and watches behind the booth will see I know exactly what I'm doing. I've been training so hard for the past five years. I think I've really improved myself."
Hilton continued her explication by bringing up the most prevalent stereotype that people have of her. "I'm Paris Hilton, people assume, 'Oh, she's just this rich girl,'" she shared, "They don't understand that I've actually been going to raves since I was 15 years old. I love music. I love entertaining people. I love partying. I love having a good time and having people around me have a great time. So I feel like DJing is kind of perfect for what I do."

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Recently, she was also blasted for claiming to be one of the top five DJs worldwide, but Hilton clarified her statement during the interview. She said that it was a misunderstanding.

She explained, "They didn't play the whole video. I had just landed from the plane and paparazzi came up to me and asked me: 'Is DJing lucrative for you?' And I said, well, yes, I'm one of the top five paid DJs – meaning ratewise. I would never compare myself with people like Tiesto and DJs who have been in the scene for so many years."

When asked about how she gets along with her fellow DJs, Hilton revealed that she is friends with all of them. Having been a party goer since her teenage years, she established a good relationship with many of them long before she became a DJ, and they have been supportive of her new-found career.

Hilton also revealed that she has an upcoming residency at Las Vegas. She said she couldn't reveal where just yet.

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