Chainsaw Murder In Pennsylvania: Young Son Discovers His Parents’ Bodies

A chainsaw murder in Pennsylvania has authorities of baffled as to what happened between 48-year-old Chris Peppelman and his wife Nicole.

While the bodies were “covered in cuts” that were consistent with a chainsaw, Montgomery County investigators have only characterized Nicole’s death as a murder at this point.

The Daily Mail speculates that this could suggest murder-suicide, though historically a chainsaw is one of the least likely methods a person would pick if they were going to commit suicide.

The only thing known at this point is that the investigation is ongoing, and that the grisly chainsaw murder case was unearthed by the Peppelman’s own son.

The boy was not named and an age was not given in the initial reports, but with the Peppelmans not being very old themselves — Nicole was 43 — the discovery is an especially difficult one.

According to people who knew the family, they’d been together for around 15 to 20 years. Playing in to the Mail‘s theory about the case is the fact that police records showed previous incidents of domestic altercations between the couple.

In a separate report from WFMZ, neighbors reacted with horror at news of the chainsaw murder.

“It’s awful, just awful, shock, disbelief, just almost surreal,” neighbor Glen Nathan said. “Great people, we love them, we’re going to miss them. They were fantastic neighbors, really liked them a lot.”

The WFMZ report did not name the Peppelmans as the victims, but that has since become known through the Mail.

A chainsaw was recovered from the scene of the crime, and police are withholding the specifics of the husband’s injuries.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first case of chainsaw mayhem that the Inquisitr has reported on of late. In December 2014, there was the especially horrifying story about a psychologist who allegedly chopped up her husband’s body with a chainsaw and scattered the pieces.

The doctor, 40-year old María Alejandra Lafuente Caso, claimed that she drugged her 41-year old husband Allan Carrera Cuellar with sleeping pills. She did it because he allegedly abused her for years.

Then, she took a chainsaw and chopped up his body, putting the remains in black bins that she deposited at various locations around the city.

For more details on the Pennsylvania chainsaw murder, the Inquisitr will keep you posted.

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