WWE News: NXT Star Granted His Release, WWE Nixes Monthly Takeover Specials, NXT Chants At ‘Raw’

There is a lot of attention on WWE right now with WrestleMania 31 going by and the huge Monday Night Raw after it’s already done. Not all of the focus is on the superstars on the main roster though, as NXT has been in the spotlight the last few days and it has to do with chants during a Raw main event, the Takeover specials, and one star being granted his release.

First of all, NXT superstar CJ Parker has indeed been granted his release from WWE this past week, and it is effective immediately, as WrestleZone reported.

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This is not a huge surprise as Parker has been in developmental with WWE since the middle of 2011, when it was still Florida Championship Wrestling. He’s been the main jobber for the last eight or so months as he’s lost to Alex Riley, Solomon Crowe, Hideo Itami, and others.

CJ Parker’s release was an amicable split with WWE as he asked for it, and was granted it. He is well-liked in the locker room and often gets high praise from top stars. There is no word on what his future yet holds.

WWE has done a quick about-face on the monthly NXT Takeover specials they mentioned in their press release on Tuesday morning. Once the press release went out, WWE released word that they had already nixed the idea.

Programming for WWE Network had listed “NXT Takeover – LIVE” as monthly two-hour events that would take place on a Wednesday night. Well, WWE has changed their minds and are now going to stick with quarterly events, as they’ve been doing.

Well, it appears as if the main event for Monday Night Raw was the least well-received, and also when the lowest ratings of the highest rated WWE show in years, happened. The main event was of Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Ryback versus Big Show, Kane, and Seth Rollins, and it was booed out of the building.

That wasn’t all either. Fans already saw the Lucha Dragons and (Adrian) Neville debut on the main roster earlier in the night, but they wanted more.

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With that, they started chanting for Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, and others from NXT. They also chanted the gimmicks of different NXT superstars such as Tyler Breeze’s “Breeze is gorgeous” and Enzo Amore’s “How you doin?” shtick.

NXT may not be getting more Takeover specials and a long-time veteran in CJ Parker is now gone, but they are indeed flooding WWE. The debuts of the Lucha Dragons and Neville will lead to Zayn, Itami, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and more coming up soon.

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