Watch Powerball Drawing Live Online: Will You Win $50 Million Jackpot? Find Out Right Away

If you have a Powerball ticket, you can watch Wednesday’s drawing live online to find out immediately whether or not you are the winner of a $50 million jackpot up for grabs. The April 1 drawing is no April Fool’s joke. Following rare back-to back jackpot winners, Powerball players are looking to see if the nationwide lottery game can make it three out of four.

A link to live streaming video of the Wednesday Powerball drawing can be found below.

How do know if you’ve won? To hit the jackpot, you must match the first five numbers on your ticket — plus the special Power Ball number. Hit all six and that’s it — you are a multimillionaire.

Of course, the odds against that happening are a rather staggering 175,223,510 to one. But incredibly, people do win the Powerball. This year is only three months old, and the Powerball lottery has already seen six jackpot winning ticket for four jackpots — including three players who won a massive $564 million prize, splitting it three ways, back on February 11.

The next winner came about a month later, on March 14, when one person hit a $137 million jackpot. Then on March 25 and 28 came the rare back-to-back wins, each for the Powerball minumum jackpot prize of $40 million — still nothing to sneeze at.

Wednesday’s $50 million prize carries a “cash value” of $33.4 million. That means if after watching the live online drawing, you realize that you just won Powerball, you then must choose whether to take your payoff out all at once, as a “lump sum,” or spread over 30 years.

The “annuity option,” that is the 30-year plan, pays the full amount of the jackpot — in this case, $50 million — divided into 30 annual checks which go up in value each year.

The “cash” or “lump sum” option gives you all of the money at once. But due to the fact that lottery winnings are financed through bond issues, the full $50 million will not be available right away. Instead, the starting value of the lottery bond in this case is $33.4 million — and that’s what the winner will receive.

Of course, those totals are all calculated prior to federal and state taxes, in any, being deducted.

Even if you don’t win the jackpot, you can still win money in the Powerball game. Click on this link to see the numerous winning combinations.

Then go to this link at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, April 1, to see if you won the jackpot — or any other Powerball prize.

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