Alena Politukha, Wife Of Ukranian Politician Aleksandr Politukha, Divorced For Posting Sexy Selfies [Gallery]

Over the course of 2014, Ukraine has been prominently reported in numerous news outlets for their situation with Russia. Because their situation is ongoing, the Inquisitr has kept up on its news, in which the latest is an argument that World War 3 may start with Russia’s nuclear weapons in Ukraine. However, it has also been argued that the perceived war may not even be about Ukraine or Russia, but Arctic oil drilling.

Now, the latest Ukraine political news isn’t centered on nukes and World War 3 predictions, but on a beautiful woman. Reports are now saying that Ukrainian politician, Aleksandr Politukha, is divorcing his wife. The reason is his she has a habit of posting sexy selfies online.

According to the Metro, Alena Politukha, the wife of Aleksandr Politukha, is gaining a major following online on Twitter for her sexy selfies. On the other hand, the sexy selfies seem to have a negative effect on her marriage, causing alienation with her politician husband. As a result, Aleksandr has walked out of her life. Eventually, she would find out that Aleksandr had filed for divorce.

Aleksandr Politukha has given no explanation on his decision for divorce. However, an insider to the couple has claimed that he was unhappy with his ex-wife’s habit of posting sexy selfies. Apparently, Aleksandr has kept his disdain quiet, for this is the first time the public and his ex-wife is in the know of his unhappiness.

The Mirror also reported on the now-public relationship issues between Aleksandr and Alena Politukha in which she recently wrote her feelings publicly.

“I am having a difficult time in my life at the moment. I am a mother. My husband and I have a son together. We have been married for 10 years. Suddenly my husband left home without any explanation at the end of the last year. He left me and our son without any livelihood or means of supporting ourselves.”

News Everyday has collected a number of Alena Politukha’s sexy selfies that have contributed to her husband divorcing her. Select selfies (specifically the ones that are SFW) have been posted. To see them, check the above link for more photos.

Technically, this is the second time a beautiful woman has been the center of political news in Ukraine. Last year, it was reported that the new criminal justice for Crimea, Ukraine, would be Natalia Poklonskaya, who got a lot of media attention for being “hot and sexy.” In that case, beauty in politics was favorable. For Alena Politukha, it is not.

[Images via Alena Politukha’s Official Twitter]

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