Stray Dogs Guard Funeral: Pack Of Stray Dogs Pay ‘Tribute’ To Woman Who Died

Stray dogs appeared to guard a funeral in Mexico, after a 71-year-old woman passed away.

According to ABC News, Margarita Suárez used to care for stray animals in her town. She was always mindful of the animals that were less fortunate, and even took food with her to feed animals she found while on the road. It’s no surprise that these animals appreciated Suárez, but what is surprising is what happened at her funeral.

Suárez’s body was in a casket over 800 miles away from her home when the strangest thing happened. A pack of stray dogs entered the area where her body lay resting, and stayed vigilant around her casket until she was taken out to be cremated.

The stray dogs that stood guard at the funeral were never seen before, according to employees of the funeral home. Suárez’s daughter, Patricia Urrutia, was completely shocked by the appearance of these animals. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it is believed that this was something otherworldly — that these strays had almost a sixth sense about the kindhearted woman who was being remembered that particular day.

“Family members were stunned when the dogs suddenly appeared at the funeral parlor where Margarita’s body was being kept. Workers at the funeral home denied any knowledge of the animals and said they had never seen them before. Realizing that the animals had come to pay their respects to Margarita, the staff allowed the dogs to come in and they laid peacefully on the floor near the woman’s coffin.”

Photos of the stray dogs that stood guard at the funeral have gone viral online. According to the New York Daily News, there was one point where the dogs sort of grouped around the woman’s casket. And at one point, they all just disappeared.

“But one hour before we brought my mom to be cremated the dogs came back and grouped around as if to say goodbye. I swear by God that it was beautiful, marvelous,” said Urrutia. This is something that Urrutia will never forget.

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